Green Recording Company was founded in 2015 and is located in Lethbridge, Alberta. We specialize in live music tracking and production. The combination of our experience and knowledge, and equipment, including a medium-format Toft analogue console, high-end microphones, best in class outboard gear, and plugins to bring out the best in our audio productions.

We offer everything from individual tracking, mixing, and mastering sessions, to complete end-to-end project, from idea to mastered record.

A note from Clayton:

What’s one common attribute shared amongst artists? Inevitably, at some point throughout their lives, they brush up against “something” so forceful, so intrusive, so frictional, and so excessive that a choice as to whether this “thing” will stay with them (becoming them) never presents itself. It’s infectious. It’s a non-choice. This “this” inscribes, embeds, teases, pokes, and animates you, only causing the relationship to intensify over time. Out of this same oscillation, this game, – some place between hunger and apex – came the drive for us to consider our personal investment in Green Recording Company.

As any artist will tell you, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why they passionately traversed the difficulties and skills necessary to cultivate their art. However, the fact remains that there exists a drive powerful enough to keep them striving for their next pinnacle; temporary as that may be. The truth is, the partners at Green Recording know exactly how that feels, and, to be honest, It’s the primary factor driving us in maintaining this studio.

Think back… you know the feeling. It’s the perfect combination of satisfaction and lust. It’s the pleasure that accompanies the completion of a project, coupled with the self-grinding enjoyment of shaping your next goal. In the true sense of the word, it’s a sublime feeling – constantly fluctuating between the boundaries of immeasurable pleasure and immeasurable doubt.

With integrity balanced with a healthy dose of just, it’s the studio’s pursuit to enable those passions to shine through our mixes; for your music; for our art. Steeped in the incredibly talented geographic region of Lethbridge and surrounding area, we understand how much our community can add to the vitality of Alberta Music; sometimes all it takes is a point of access.

Here’s the truth – we can give your music the attention, time, and creative energy that bigger studios can’t. In the end, our goals and values are inline with your own: you’re working towards making your music as impactful and successful as it can be, and we, in turn, strive to achieve the same with our process. With the goal of injecting innovative and creative engineering at every point in the process, we want to make your music, and our mixes, as powerful as they can be.